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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> good morning, everyone this is the tuesday, february 11, 2014, meeting of san francisco transportation authority plans & programs committee. my name is supervisor mar >> item role. supervisor campos. supervisor kim. supervisor mar present and supervisor yee present we have compound >> i'd like to call the citizens advisory report. >> we're joined by your chair
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john avalos and mr. flanagan. >> good morning. my name is a joseph flanagan i'm the cac vice chair. those are the two items on the agenda that we took action on januarys meeting. the first item is item 3 adaptation of the t f c a local expenditure criteria which the cac passed names as part of the consent calendar. the second item 6 allocation of
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prop k and double fund for 4 requests this item was also passed unanimously by the cac without substantive decision. thank you. and that concludes my report. thank you >> thank you, mr. gleaning open this up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you, ms. chang - first, the consent calendar is there anyone that would like the sever any items on the consent calendar. seeing none. ms. chang please call the consent calendar >> consent calendar items 2 and 3 are routine and will be acted
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upon by a single vote and we'll need items 2 and 3 approved. >> seeing no comments from colleagues, can we take those without objection. >> item 5 recommended appointment of two members for t the sense advisory committee. the transportation authority code the committee recommended the appointment of citizen advisory committee and you're ready evenly closing closure you have two applications. in told them one for this item you see the listing for the current citizens advisory
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members now to quality one must be a san francisco resident and poirtd once before this committee for hosing interests. we have two vacancies and they result from the terms of robert from district 7 who is not seeking reappointment and the 8 get district gentleman is here for reappointment. with that we can take any questions >> if there are no questions we'll ask the candidates to come forward. >> i'm peter i've severed on the cac for 6 years and a transportation planner 3 years with the sfmta before any retirement and i've lived in san francisco for 35 years and i'm
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usually on my bicyclist or muni everyday for transportation. and i'm an active member of spur the sierra club and other associations and the commonwealth club in addition, i have a new qualification i'll be a senior citizen in two months. my optimistic on the cac is helping san francisco continue to allocate the square transportation modes and strife for neighborhood equality to provide streets that are safe for all users of ail ages and including pedestrians and motorists and to promote safety for bicyclists and others.
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i'll continue to be an effective member of the cac and if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them if you have any >> my understanding is the supervisor from 8th district is approving of you're ready service. >> anyone else who wants to speak that's a candidate for any positions. i know there's a district 7 vacancy but it looks like there's no one here for that vacancy so one any public comment? speaker card >> good morning aaron i was listed with an attractive i think i attended a cac meeting and want to ask for the position. you've submitted sketches that
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undertaking in regards to the negligent avenue plan and the sfmta plan and along the sunset boulevard. i think it's critical on the western see of the city with the proposals we look at seriously how to make the agenda for solid and lincoln systems. when i see college avenue we may need a different view on how to get parties involved to help the areas and pedestrians. i hope you'll consider my documents and that includes my resumes.
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i've worked on transit and a locomotive projects and other projects under my belt are applicable to those >> i know you used to live near park merry kidney what districts are you in. >> i'm in district 11 right now. >> okay. thank you. next speaker >> hello norman i'll glen rogers i'm applying for the citizens advisory committee for the district 7. i have been a member of district 7 for many years many decades.
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i was born in my house here i'm a member of etna. as a landscape architect i've studied transportation and different site planning situations and have sent to the board of supervisors any negligent avenue transit study you may have had an opportunity to look at. so this particular study gave me insight into the adjudication on negligent avenue. i'm sure you're aware of the project goes into park merced and not a straight line that is usually desirable for rapid transit. there's a business bias no stop at the ocean boulevard and
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however there's going to be stops for new businesses created by the developer and stones town. i know the best idea would be able to keep the businesses that are there flushing. and that's it i have time for >> thank you, mr. rogers. supervisor yee >> are there any other candidates that would like to speak? open this up for public comment is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak? and a good morning i'm jackie saks. i worked with the gentleman since he's been on the committee i strongly urge you reappointment i him.
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a few years ago a woman michelle told you about how long she's been riding muni and i think she would be an asset so the committee there's only 3 females on the citizens advisory committee if you want diversity involve another female on the committee she knows the transit system inside and out she's an asset to the committee >> thank you. >> i strongly approve peter being reappointed. >> anyone else public comment is closed. supervisor yee. currently i'm still interviewing
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people for the district 7 >> i'd like to thank staff for printing the full cac advisory committee list so it give us some sense of the demographics and ms. saks having 3 of 13 women is an important consideration as we try to create the most diverse cac we can. so colleagues, we have a request if our district 7 colleague to continue the discussion on the district 7 appointment. can we have a motion on reappointing the gentleman to the district 7 seat >> so moved. >> and to continue the district 7 seat as well as commissioners,
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can we take this without objection? >> thank you, ms. changing. item 6 recommended allocation of 1 million plus in prop k funds and 3 hundred and 8g9 2 in prop funds for subjected to the cash flow distribution schedules and the strategic plan and relate to prop k. this is an action item >> and the report is here. >> i'm with the transportation authority. this is for prop 8 registration fee for about one-hundred 86 million in total. attachment shows the summary of the applications and this has a recommendation on all. so the first project we're going to continue 62 for the project
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requests prop a for the 6 locations two on gary as 22nd and 26th avenue and in yerba buena and 18 and as far as one mid block project between princeton and powell it is on told them 2 and also a map on page 15 of the evenly closer that continues the traffic and benefits to the users and senior centers and the centers that this project includes 88 compliant programs sfmta expects the construction to be completed
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by 2016. the next project sfmta has requested a prop k fund for the 5 intersections to leverage the prompt project funds. this includes the hardware and programs. sfmta coordinating this project with the depending on masonic avenue which will add curbs to accountability intersection as far as the project area. sfmta also complooiment it's project with other construction which is impartial funded by target to have improvements for the left turn and sfmta anticipates the completion of the construction by may 2015
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>> how much is target funding. >> i will get that information for you. thank you >> the next project for the area is the project for prop k for the environment and design phases for pedestrian improvements as recommended in the tenderloin transportation plans. those projects is the conversion of two-way streets and converting other uses and upgrades to taylor intersection for the centers at the las vegas worth intersections. this refers to the attachment 2 of the memo and also a map on page 55 of the evenly closer.
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sfmta expects the design to be completed by the 2014 this year and the construction to be completed by 2018. they have the program funds for the construction phase. and for the last project dwp requests prop k for the reconstruction of 9988 at 15 intersections please refer to page 69 for the locations of the intersections and dwp expects the construction to be completed that he 2016 if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and dwp. thank you. i did want to comment to say those projects are important given the urgency
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and supervisor yee districts where the little girl was killed on pulp and ellis where the project eddy is. i think it's urgent we move quickly so there's no further tragedies. and the identification and design and delivering of the project i'm hoping can move fast to get the quickest streets improved. in my district the traffic lights an gary and 22 understanding and 26 avenue are critical around schools. for years folks have asked asked for the improvements and i'm how have near the st. mary's church
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and others areas thank you, ms. kim i strongly support this item. any other comments supervisor campos >> thank you very much mr. chairman and the presentation. on the curb ramps. i know that work is happening citywide do you know sort of where exactly and i imagine that all the industrial districts will benefit >> are you asking for the areas. >> yes. >> look at package 19 of the evenly closer dwp has listed did locations to be constructed. and it shows the district numbers. but again, this is only for this request >> i understand. okay >> sure.
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>> i wanted to acknowledge also that a number of project sponsors are here as well that can answer questions if we have any. ms. kim i'll mention i see jonathan and rick r riccardo i think those are the engineers and the staff that can answer questions. let's open this up for public comment. i have two cards (calling names) from the merry kidney triangle and aaron good man >> hi, good morning. i'm bringing to our attention a traffic calming measure that will be beneficial for 3 streets. a permanent radar panel similar to the 1 on slope boulevard and
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masonic and those are in areas that have high traffic accidents are pedestrian deaths. al mean boulevard near st. charles and brotherhood ease also sunset boulevard between ocean. and there are in 3 different districts but i believe those 3 locates will be beneficial for cars traveling in those corridors. they're heavyly used corridor and traffic flows well beyond the speed limits. i have a comment on the traffic study but i'll wait. thank you very much >> thank you for those great suggestions. mr. goodman >> again day i want to show you on the overhead if you can
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switch to the overhead. this is the type of problem we have board boulevards and as well as transit planning so that was sunset boulevard and unfortunately, the little girl was killed going across the boulevard. if you look at the map on the side you have the judy a 3 schools and on the map further i don't know if it's showing up properly but there's 3 or 2 different crossings the judy district attorney and the slow boulevard area. those things have to be looked at all the kids in those areas and the high-speed traffic we need to study the whole length
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of the boulevard and the area on ocean boulevard we have the crossing guard their tacked to the highlight there looks like randolph and that's part of the congestion problem when development occurs without the transit stuff studied without properly in advance. thank you >> thank you, mr. goodman anyone else? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> good morning supervisor mar i want to address our comment about how much target is putting in for the signal work. and we have our gentleman here who says its approximately 4 hundred thousand.
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would the traffic light near masonic and gary bus it's on ann assistant district attorney and masonic. and that's an area that enter seconds 1, 2, and 5 very closely alcohol but it's good that target is that troin i attributing. can we move this forward >> planning code guidelines this is an informational item. >> we have chad for the report. >> good morning supervisor mar. i'm with the ta i'll be presenting on item 7 with a neighborhood transportation improvement program a planning
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section we're representing the draft. we've referred to this throughout the presentation. why develop and propose something like that? sf has a response as part of the san francisco transmission plan on socioin terms of where we build and pedestrian bike projects and improvements. also a respond from the public and the board as part of the constituent received. finally, it's a respond inform recommendation in the san francisco recommendation plans as far as calling out the need to strengthen pipeline in san francisco. so we talked about we presented we included in the agenda in december a little memo on end
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tips it will be focusing on planning and we have conversations about the planning. so we're proposing using the $100,000 for prop k and that's $1.1 million into planning projects over the next 5 years >> i want to thank supervisor avalos and tilly for this equitable way of looking at the districts needs but i think this helps us and our residents that the ta is looking at the specific needs of our districts so thank you. >> chimney in as well. i do really appreciate staff moving on this idea and something i brought forward as a need in district 11 we have real sluggish way of getting
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pedestrian projects moving and bike projects the need is really, really great. i think one of the beneficial things we can talk about for our district is how to get more resident involved in the sdooip and planning process this program can help with that >> okay right into my next slide. one it's a great opportunity to increase community engagement in san francisco. and the second reason it creates a project pipeline of neighborhood scale projects in san francisco neighborhood. that means the size of the project and the cost those are things that effects neighborhoods and two integral parts one is identifying priority tiger's recommendations we should be focusing our resources on and the second thing we want to make sure we're
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identifying potential funding timelines. those projects right off the bat. so those are addressing the issues and again, this is speaking to what we learned in the san francisco transportation project and reducing issues and helping neighborhoods. so this is the overall process we are going envisioning and we move from needs to solutions to recommendations and implementing plans that can be picked up and have strong plans to be implemented rather than having the ideas. the total amount proposed 1 point plus million we think this will have an applying impact on
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the neighborhood level. and because of the amount leveraged this made it to the steps in all cases we want to insure there's a clear path forward or have clear steps toward project implementation. so what do we mean by planning efforts this is a bit of a menu of ideas we've come up with. at the end of the day those needs will be at a later date. those are the projects we've had in san francisco you're probably aware of it can be district wide and a part from geographic one is a district wide save route to school or biking or


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